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10 Tips for Beginners on their Spiritual Journey

1. Believe in the impossible, dare to imagine greatness, look for the magic around you

2. Learn to be still and listen to your heart, listen to the world around you, listen to spirit

3. Awareness brings insight and allows for us to take control of our thoughts, emotions and impulses

4. Think in terms of energy, frequency, and resonance to gain understanding of your self, others, and the world

5. The fabric of reality is based on rhythms and cycles, go with the flow rather than against it

6. Gratitude, compassion, and love are the foundation for a positive reality

7. We are all eternal students living in a spectrum of information, take what resonates with you and leave the rest

8. Know that everything happens for a reason and you can only control yourself and your reactions to the world around you

9. The path isn’t always easy but it is why you are here and satisfies your soul in a way nothing else can

10. People, places, and situations will come in and out of our lives, learn when to accept and when to let go



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