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Unlocking Your Secret Weapon: Intention

It's not easy growing up in a technology driven, hormone riddled, everyone for themselves world. In order to assimilate to a higher social standard, cultural constructs demand we follow the process of exclusion of others in order to elevate a group. Not only is this mentality destructive to any kind of reciprocal kindness but it fuels a person's ego over their intuitive spirit.

Like most American children, in elementary school I learned the Golden Rule "Do unto others as you would have them do unto you." Now as an adult woman, I've found my path leading me full circle back to the Golden Rule. It may be unpopular, labeled as weakness, and opposite to modern cultural wisdom, but the blessing of others with our individual Love and Light is not just a pick me up for the receiver but an energetic boost to the sender. And that which is given is only amplified when it returns back to us. The measure of amplification is directly related to the level of intention we put into our actions.

Intention is simply the focused energy of our will directed at a specific task or scattered among many actions. When our intention is scattered the energy we exude is no less powerful, it's simply less powerful in any one direction. The key is taking that power and channeling it toward manifesting Love And Light for a specific purpose. In the case of blessing the people, energy, and universe around us, intention is the key to unlocking powerful results.

Results of intention infused blessing are infinite and include:

  • The amplified blessings returned to you

  • Empowerment and Energy increases

  • A greater connection with Divine Love and Light

  • A greater connection with your own inner Love and Light

  • A greater connection with the unified field of energy

  • Feelings of peace, joy, calm, and well-being

  • A reduction in stress and tension

  • A greater sense of who you are

  • Breakthroughs in obstacles and challenges

  • Expansion of the heart chakra and energy system

  • Raising of your subtle vibrational energy to a higher frequency

The rewards of sending positive energy in the form of blessings are numerous beyond human understanding. I can promise you that if you take the time daily to bless others and the world around you, you will find your world blessed in return. It's amazing to think that such a simple act of kindness and reap such bountiful results. I empower you to try it for yourself and find the joy of positive energetic blessings. Try it now, say to yourself:

"In the name of Divine Love/ the Creator/ Mother & Father God I bless _____ with Love and Light, infuse Mother Earth with positive energy, and transmute any negative energy into divine love to be sent out to the Universe. So be it."



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