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Color Your Thoughts, Color Your Life

It's safe to say that most of us struggle with our day-to-day tasks. Just getting through each day with the onslaught of bills, bosses, babies, and blind siding crises can leave a person broken and defeated. We've all been there, more than we'd like. And at the bottom of another hopeless climb out of the hole we're in we inevitably ask ourselves "Isn't there a better way, should life really be this hard?" The answer is most certainly NO! Sure life is hard sometimes and challenges are where we learn our lessons and grow as human beings, but the nature of battle can be controlled by one simple thing: thoughts.

It may sound out there, but stay with me on this one because I guarantee if you can master your thoughts you can master your life. The power of you negative versus positive self-talk has been documented in numerous studies and the overall demeanor of your thoughts greatly impacts your mental, physiological, and emotional health. And using visualization techniques have been shown to improve health as well as bring about positive change in one's life.

Think of it like this: our lives are like coloring books, some pages are more enjoyable than others but our thoughts control the colors on the page. Positive thoughts are like a rainbow of colors weaving bright rainbows across even the most boring page but negative thoughts are suck the colors out and leave us with a dull picture of our lives. This may seem like an oversimplification but it really is that easy. You control your perception of your life and you control your emotional stability or instability in the face of obstacles.

Don't believe me? Try it, I DARE YOU! Follow this simple exercise anytime, simply M.A.I.L. your thoughts.

Monitor- monitor your self talk and your approach to what's going on in your life, are you positive, negative, indifferent, honest with how you feel in this moment. Are you positive, negative, indifferent, resentful, ect.

Align- now adjust your thoughts to be aligned with your highest level of self, fill your thoughts with love of self and love of others and love of the world we all share.

Investigate- Now that you're back to your center of being and more grounded, ask yourself what the real root of the issue is, Most of the time we spend energy redirection our emotions at target rather than the problem.

Light- Now visualize that problem and put in a bubble and infuse that bubble with light. The divine light of love is always at your disposal, so use it. Taking a moment to bring the problems into the light not only helps to dissolve them but also gives you a chance to take a time out and re-fresh.

If you follow those four easy steps and work every day on being positive in the face of your challenges I promise your life will be full of colorful happiness and joy. Remember to always look for the silver lining, it's there if you take the time to find it. Life is meant i hard but it's also meant to be enjoyed, so take control of your thoughts and find the joy of love and light in every moment!



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